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Apr 25, 2004
A Fair Health Fix
By Michael Barone, U.S. News & World Report
February 11, 2007

Not many expected George W. Bush to advance a serious healthcare proposal in his State of the Union address, and few expect anyone in Congress to act in response to it. But Bush did, and at least one member of Congress seems interested. More ought to be paying attention.

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Good article about reality. Points of interest are that in 1943 when wage and price effects were in place! I can tell you from experience about having a high dollar health insurance and I have to admit it was great, then I changed companies and our company carried us employee and family under a policy. I now have to pay for my wife and it isn’t the greatest insurance and because we are relatively healthy we don’t need it.
So look at the abuses in the system for starters! If I feel sick and go into the ER, before I paid the co-pay and that was that! Now I pay 100 big ones for that visit. So I gauge the level of my feelings before I act. I also agree that only a few folks in our country are that sickly that need expansive type coverage and the rest of us can fit to our needs and we’ll pay as the cover is set. I believe that if the system is set in place correctly from the start we can prevent abuse down the road. I also see concerns over certain situations of those illnesses cropping up that could be life threatening and I believe you have to address those as a case by case deal. My insurance would cover me if I needed extensive medical needs and after I met my deductible I’d be home free. Now I can’t get cosmetic procedures like a nose job unless it was in direct relation to a accident of medical procedure like removing a organ or something like that.

This is a very workable plan and it has only taken 16 plus years on the surface to openly address this and 38 years for a drug program. I hope that Congress will move forward on this idea because we know that Hillary couldn’t figure this out and even if it changes it is the overall attempt at addressing this concern that actually matters.
The simple wisdom of the plan is probably beyond the realm of understanding of those who would benefit from it.

I'm not sure many people understand the difference between pre-tax & taxed income. Go ahead... ask someone how much money they made last year & then ask 'em how much they paid in taxes. You'll get some interesting answers... answers like "I don't know."

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