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Sep 16, 2012
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"I fucking love Science," is one of the worst brain washing sites on the net. They distort science and create a new religion for atheists in service to the State for those who have no belief in anything but materialism. It's patently disgusting.

They want their readers to believe science has the answer for everything. It doesn't have an answer for anything, just a partial explanations for how things work. Those are not answers.

Typically their readers are fools, having an unquestioning belief in such things as AGW, spontaneous life from inorganic matter, and vaccinations and the schedule in which they are taken being completely harmless to the development of their kids.

I'll bet most of it's readers aren't even aware that the scientific "constants" and the law based on them, aren't even that. The constant of gravity and speed of light isn't, and as such, there are no such things as "LAWS" of science.

As for the image? It's Shopped.

Hubble Telescope Spots Smiley Face IFLScience
Contestants in this competition had to process previously unpublished images with astronomical image software used by ESA and NASA.
Hubble s Hidden Treasures 2012 Image Processing Contest ESA Hubble

You can process the data in any way you want, and combine them as you wish. The end or intermediate results can be enhanced using any technique. The only thing that is strictly forbidden is to paint on the image. Only tiny cosmetic defects can be painted over, such as cosmic rays, bad pixels, satellite trails, etc.

You may fill gaps between detectors or pointings with data from ground-based telescopes, providing you clearly state what data you have used. You must not simply clone or copy to fill these.

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