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The Evil Left


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Apr 12, 2012
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The Left's overt and covert campaign against corporate and economic success is as un-American as anything ever done in our society.

The endless campaign against "inequality," the demonization of corporate executives, the promotion of unionism, especially in the public sector, and the endless whining about "tax breaks for the rich," are all part of a unified campaign to devalue hard work and economic success.

The American work ethic - what's left of it - is based on one basic belief: if you work hard you are likely to succeed. Go to school, get your degree, work as hard as you can, and you will get ahead. And the corollary to that is, if you are successful, it is likely the result of hard work, or a combination of ability and work.

But Leftists deny this principle (which is mainly true) and constantly point to examples of successful people who have either been lucky, we're born with incredible advantages, or succeeded through nefarious means. You will NEVER hear a contemporary Leftist acknowledge that anyone in the private sector succeeded through hard work.

It has been described as "the politics of envy," and that seems innocuous, but it is not. We have generations of young people who feel entitled to success because, after all, nobody achieves success through exceptional effort, right?

It is no wonder that so many young people find nothing wrong with socialism. Previous generations wanted no part of it, feeling that they, as individuals, would do much, much better if allowed to rise on their own merits. Now, it's gimme, gimme, gimme. They want to do as little as possible, and be rewarded richly - a scenario that fits perfectly when protected by a governent union - something even FDR saw was an abomination against the tax - paying public.

This is the cancer that Trump and his voters are figHting. Even if he doesn't accomplish another tangible thing in his remaining years in office, he is needed to oppose the politics of envy and the denigration of hard work to get ahead. Note well that whenever a Democrat speaks of "hard working Americans" they are not only including people who don't belong here, but government workers and union members by the millions. Non - union workers? Engineers, accountants, residential construction workers, pizza delivery drivers? Forget about it.

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