The Diamond Swap (Action Comics)


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Sep 22, 2013
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One last Blood Diamond inspired parable, since it's such a new age terrorism/warfare issue in the modern world!


Chicago at night is something to admire. This is the city of the Untouchables and Al Capone and the Bears and Blackhawks and of course that enchanted skyline. Chicago is not New York or LA or DC, but it's head of other great US cities like Miami and Dallas and Seattle and even San Francisco in terms of American patriotism trends and traffic. It's really the more worldly version of Boston. That's what makes Chicago the great site of our unusual bank heist, performed by an unusual thief!


The thief is Isaac (code-name: Shadow). Isaac is an Algerian-American professor at U-Chicago and is taking a double-life identity to steal some blood diamonds to create some waves in the underworld of illegal terrorism oriented diamond exchanges stretching from Belgium to South Africa. Isaac is very smart, but he'll have to be extra sharp for this blood diamond heist of gems from the First Bank in Chicago. Isaac however has prepared for this and is thinking a solid arrow towards the perfect heist.


ISAAC: I own a classic green berretta handgun in patriotic case, gifted to me by a veteran from U-Chicago, which I'll be using.


The First Bank in Chicago has a vault and money-rotating self-service machine which allows customers to put in their secret ID-card to withdraw cash for transfers and account deposits. Isaac ('Shadow') breaks into the bank on the night before the day of the actual heist, having blackmailed the only security guard by holding his dear pet puppy hostage. He decodes the lock to the money-rotating self-service machine and puts in counterfeit money and takes out the real money for himself. When he walks into the bank the next day, on the day of the heist itself, he's posed simply as a mask-wearing customer, claiming he's from a local theater group making a lunch-break account deposit. He goes to the money-rotating self-service machine and takes out the counterfeit money he's put in the night before and then claims he wishes to use it to purchase the diamonds ('blood diamonds') in safe-box #445 in the bank's vault room, which belongs to a wealthy Saudi businessman living in Chicago. The bank manager is very impressed by this million purchase and exchange.


BANK MANAGER: Mr. Isaac handed me a written letter from the Saudi businessman claiming he's purchasing $1 million diamonds.


Isaac walks out of the First Bank in Chicago with about $2 million worth of the Saudi businessman's diamonds from safe-box #445, and then he returns the pet puppy to the cooperative security guard who's promised to stop working at that bank. Isaac is happy with his nifty performance, since it's attacked the assets of an actually very corrupt Saudi businessman living in Chicago and transferring blood diamonds from Belgium to Los Angeles through the Chicago bank. Isaac then places an anonymous note to the Times for the cooperative guard to mail, his final cooperation task, which reads, "The First Bank has helped us prosecute a serious blood diamond pirate living in this great city."


A cartoonist claims that a theater-troop member living in Chicago who walked into the First Bank that day in the city may actually be an underground CIA operative with the code-name Shadow. How'd this cartoonist in Chicago guess this complex identity and underworld activity? Well, honestly, the blood diamond nexus has already become a hellmouth of great intrigue, so just about any thespian-pirate may find himself mired in the academics of modern gem espionage, right? This is America, folks.


BANK MANAGER: We discovered too late that our money-rotation device for self-service was filled with counterfeit bills.


CIA: We have no operative named 'Shadow' but are grateful if this Saudi lead yields information regarding blood diamond terrorism.


Isaac ('Shadow'), our goodly U-Chicago professor, takes a nice bus to LA where he takes an Aeroflot flight from LAX to JFK and then from JFK to Rio. Isaac opens an island bar for tourists and becomes a prominent island party dude. He remembers his days in the USA, however, when traveling through the highways of transit yielded some surprising contributions to modern anti-terrorism work.


ISAAC: I spend some recreation time now playing Madden video-games in Rio with my son, Rio.


RIO: My dad bought me this awesome Storm-Shadow action-figure, claiming he may've done some cool work for governments.


INTERPOL: The blood diamond market is such an underworld evil that any form of social work yields valuable time.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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