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The Biden-Harris Regime Quietly Changes Rules to Incentivize Financial Advisors to Put Your Money Into Woke Investments EVEN IF IT LOSES MONEY


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Mar 19, 2015
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This is what fascism looks like. It si what so many of you believed Trump was but it was always the Democrats.

And like true fascists they are looking to lock up a former President.

It’s no secret that the Biden-Harris regime and their puppetmasters among the globalist elite cabal absolutely hate us. They despise us as useless eaters who must be depopulated or controlled for them to achieve their nefarious goals of The Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better, the Green New Deal, the Liberal World Order, or whatever label they slap on their machinations in the future.

Now, they’re proudly declaring this hatred by prompting financial advisors and retirement institutions to move your money to ESG companies. Moreover, they lifted rules requiring them to try to make you money. In other words, they can lose money for YOU and still make money for themselves as long as they’re investing in wokeness. You can’t make this up, but apparently someone among the powers-that-be did anyway.

According to Jeff Murdoch at The Washington Times [emphasis added]:

The Biden administration has quietly finalized a rule allowing employers to funnel workers’ 401(k) funds into investments that support woke causes that address issues such as climate change and diversity.

The Labor Department recently approved the rule affecting roughly 150 million workers and $10 trillion in assets covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

The rule says asset managers and retirement plan administrators should consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors when selecting investments. That would encourage money managers to balance financial returns with investments that support wind and solar energy or have diverse boards of directors.

The rules also remove a restriction blocking employers from using an ESG fund as a default option for workers automatically enrolled in 401(k) plans. That means workers could be supporting causes that don’t align with their political views.

It also rescinds Trump-era regulations that require retirement plan administrators and asset managers to choose investments based solely on participants’ financial interests.




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May 2, 2021
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That's because being woke gives you a good esg score. And esg scores are a product of the world economic forum and their great reset. Esg scores in the background determine your companies investability by other companies. If you're woke enough and have a high enough esg score even if your profits are garbage you'll still get loans and investors and government bailouts.

That's why Tesla despite being the biggest ev seller and the company being the trend setter and doing a lot of things to push forward progress on multiple levels isn't woke enough for good esg scores.

Here is a guy talking about esg works.


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