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Tag Along Rednecks


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Mar 25, 2004
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Near Atlanta, GA
Ok, so I was at the SEC Championship game yesterday. Being an Arkansas fan, and my only away game being at a Christian school, I'm used to dealing with civil fans who are able to both win and lose gracefully, rather than being mean-spirited. Sure, there have been a few bad eggs, but nothing on the scale of what I saw last night.

The students, alums, and 'true' fans were nice, like I was used to. They complimented me on the spirit of our school (Arkansas outshouted Florida through most of the game, despite being outnumberd), the quality of our band, and how close we came to winning the game. However, there were, as I refer to them, the tag along rednecks. These are the fans that give Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, and I'm sure many others, a bad name. Arkansas pretty much dispatched those types when they cracked down on drunkenness in the stadium, but the section I was in looked like all the Florida fans there (with few exceptions) were dragged out of a trailer park. I was harrassed, yelled at, nearly got into a couple of fist fights, and they even booed the band (I clapped for the Florida band, even though Arkansas was clearly superior). It took a lot of tact to leave there with both my dignity and my teeth. To be clear, none of these guys had anything to do with the University of Florida. They just started hanging on Spurrier's shirt tails after he started winning stuff. They really mar the reputation of the rest of the fans. So, I was wondering if anybody else had had any bad experiences with these morons, from anywhere. Any good stories?

I'll start: On the way out of the game, I had guys harrassing me left and right. One in particular kept following me while his redneck friends laughed at his every word. Eventually, I turned around and just said, "Just scurry on home before they tow it." It took him a minute to get it, but I turned around just in time to see him get REALLY pissed...and too far away to catch me.

I also had three black girls chase me all the way from the stadium to the train, coming up with little chants about how much Arkansas sucked and we just needed to get out of town. A couple of Florida fans laughed, so I thought I'd be a good sport, and I mentioned that I live here. Well, that got them all up in my face, squawking even louder about how I needed to get out. I gave the alpha the death glare, and just as I saw a little twinge of fear in her eyes, I said, "You won, fair and square, now take your trophy and get out. Atlanta belongs to the Falcons." That was the end of that.

I also heard a good joke from my dad that reflects the caliber of the less civil Vols fans. Why do the Vols wear orange? So they can go hunting on Friday, to the game on Saturday, and back to the [correctional] facility on Sunday.

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