Subdistrict head feared kidnapped by armed Poso group


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Sep 30, 2011
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Fear has gripped residents after a subdistrict head went missing in Lore Timur district, Poso regency, Central Sulawesi. It is believed he was kidnapped by the Santoso-led armed civilian group.

Andi Baide, 69, the head of Kalimago subdistrict, Lore Timur, went missing after he left his house to look for firewood in Napu Forest.
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Residents are concerned that he may have been kidnapped by the Santoso group, which is thought to be based in the Lore mountain range, Poso, because last December four locals also disappeared in a forest near the village. Of the four missing, one was found dead and buried in the forest.

The head of Sedoa subdistrict in Lore Timur, Albertus Megati, said Andi entered the forest at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and had not returned home by Thursday afternoon.

A manhunt targeting the group was launched last week involving 1,000 police personnel. Scheduled to last 60 days, the operation has yet to yield results. The operation is focused on catching 20 people on the most-wanted list who have been involved in terrorism and armed violence in Poso.

Violence has escalated in recent months, with five civilians reportedly killed by the armed group in December and members of the gang coming down from the mountains to steal food in the villages.

The group, which is believed to have connections with the Islamic State (IS) network, was also involved in a gunfight with a joint police-military patrol in Tangkura subdistrict, South Poso Pesisir, last month.

Operations against terrorism in Poso have been staged for the past 14 years, but no significant results have been achieved. The police have yet to arrest members of the Santoso-led gang, which has been operating in the region for the last four years.

Subdistrict head feared kidnapped by armed Poso group The Jakarta Post

14 years and you come up empty? Why?

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