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Stop Drafting Gov Christie To Run For President!


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Jun 6, 2007
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It's a really bad idea for Governor Chris Christie to run for the Republican nomination for President. If he runs he'll get torn to pieces in the primary process and he won't win the nomination. He can too easily be labeled as arrogant, a bully, a loose cannon, unpresidential, and the like based on his track record and people with such reps don't stand a good chance getting elected. Early in his governor term he had a major conflict with teacher unions he wanted terms on wages and or benefits they didn't like and while at a town hall meeting he got into a debate with a teacher about these matters and he said to the teacher you don't have to teach, you can leave the job there is no requirement you have to stay a teacher and the public viewed this as arrogant and bully behavior. Governor Christie has a blunt,confrontational style dealing with his opponents like Democrats in the NJ legislature which he can get away with because he has the line item veto as President he won't be able to impose his will like this and the American electorate will be thinking this guy will just bring gridlock which America is weary of; Christie's track record of calling the NJ legislature the "do nothing" legislature, saying "New Jersey is the best example of a failed experiment in America on taxes and and big government" and his repeated announcements that the mission of his administration is to let it be known that "the day of reckoning is here" will not play well on the national stage.

Also, Governor Christie will be perceived by moderate and independent Republicans that he has a full blown case of this Republican virus that stands for the proposition that largely all regulation is bad and chopping regulation to cut government expenditures is always good which to this electorate scares the hell of them. A perfect example of these values is the deal Governor Christie made over Atlantic City where he essentially gutted the casino control commission to save a few bucks and anyone with good sense knows that this will eventually result in one day it l coming to the fore that New Jersey has a big crime problem in the Atlantic City Casinos and it will basically be traced back to Christie gutting the casino control commission. Governor Christie has other baggage the legislation he signed taking away some of the collective bargaining rights in the areas of pensions and health insurance for public workers make him evil incarnate to many unions, union workers and union sympathizers to them he crossed the line working for the terms involved is understandable but taking away rights he went too far, the union movement will be burning red hot to block a person like Christie from getting the presidency many Republican voters will see this union issue as baggage they want no parts of and Christie won't get their vote for the nomination because of it.

For New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is great. He is the right man at the right time, New Jerseyians have had enough of high taxes and they need a Governor that will hold the line on government spending. Governor Christie is up to these jobs with no problems. But is Chris Christie what America needs right now, a smart American has to say no. When the American electorate finally weeds out all the media hype about the presidential campaign and all the dust settles about the different campaigns like Rick Perry is no policy wonk he is a big picture guy a guy that sees what he wants to see sometimes that's good sometimes that's not good, in any event when one looks at things from this point of view it is clear that both Rick Perry and and Mitt Romney are better candidates for President. Therefore, an optimally good assessment would conclude Chris Christie shouldn't run because it would be a waste of time, effort and money for him and his supporters because he wouldn't win and if he runs now he may so hurt his brand or reputation from the rigors of the campaign that he may never be able to run for President again!

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