Stop Antisemitism

How does one stop Antisemitism? Which is another word for Jew hatred .
First it was Judeophobia, and then a German Jew-hater changed the expression to Antisemitism in the 19th century. Nothing changes, It is all the same.

Many groups like to say that Jews are against Israel or against Judaism.

This one seems to be one of them. And there probably are many others, which I will post in the future.

Jew hatred may morph, but the intent is always the same.

Let us try to stop it.

Ok don't vote democrat problem solved

During these 10 days of glamour and glitter, movie stars dressed in Chanel, Dior, or Armani walked the red carpet wearing watermelon pins or holding signs denouncing the war.Not one held a sign denouncing Hamas.

The only person paying tribute to the 125 hostages still captive in Gaza was the Nova survivor Laura Blajman-Kadar.

Ofer Kalderon is French, why isn’t Leila Bekhti talking about him? Hersh Goldberg-Polin is American, why can’t anyone mention him?

"Jackson Hinkle, an American antisemitic social media activist, and idiot, posted a viral tweet with millions of views showing a coin from the British Mandate era to prove that Palestine was here before the State of Israel. The problem is that the imbecile doesn't understand that this coin is the proof of the opposite, and its Hebrew initials read: Land of Israel!"


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