Stonewall Jackson is back

Stonewall Jackson was a racist slave owner who fought for the evil Confederate Empire
Jackson fought brilliantly for his home state after it joined the Confederacy

If Virginia had stayed in the Union so would Jackson
Slavery was a major issue but not the only issue

And certainly not the reason that 400,000 common soldiers died for
The Abolitionists Were Chickenhawks

For the Unfortunate Sons of the North who did the fighting, it had nothing to do with slavery, unless Northern Whites had a completely different and unnatural race-traitor attitude back then.

Because there had never been a draft, they had little contact with Southerners, so they must have looked at them like foreigners trying to take over the North.
Not to change the subject here but how would things be different if the South had won the Civil War?
White Zionism

Minimal crime and welfare, no theft of college admissions or jobs because of Affirmative Action. Government workers more respected because the stupid, lazy, and rude ones wouldn't be forcibly hired. Union solidarity because of workers being racially compatible.
EVERYTHING about the Civil War came down to slavery
The South Had Slavery, the North Had Sweatshops. The North Had No Moral Superiority.

The required misjudgment, ignoring the plight of disempowed Northern Whites, indicates it is snobbish propaganda pushed by the white-collar flunkies of the plutocratic parasites. The motivation of the robber barons' White Replacement war was to kill off or distract unionizing commoners.

Our hereditary upper class has always identified with the European ones. So the nearly successful revolutions over there in 1848 motivated the Northeast regime to start the Republican Party in order to prevent it from happening here. To aggravate that, they wanted to replace White workers with newly freed, grateful, and submissive Africans.
The South saw the handwriting on the wall regarding slavery
That is why they formed a Confederacy. To preserve it forever

Why would anyone honor that?
The Race Card Is a Joker. Losers Play It to Make Themselves Feel Like Winners.

The alternative forced on us today is even worse and Liberals know it. Even in their own escapist minds, it is impossible for them to deny reality with illogical excuses for Afram behavior.

So, instead of being idealists seeking social justice, they can't be anything else but misfits out to destroy a society such unmanly degenerates never belonged in.
You just want the guys who fought for the institution of Slavery honored....


As far as shaming white children...fuck off. It was an evil institution. Nobody is trying to erase white culture. Reporting the horrible treatment of slaves doesn’t erase white culture. It makes kids aware of what was taking place. Its a history that white people would like to forget which is why you’re trying to characterize it as, of course, you being a victim. Its what your blob has taught you... Forget that people were chained together working the fields...the real victims of slavery are middle class white guys 160 years later who have to worry about bad optics.

Again, fuck off.
Integration Caused Disintegration of a Successful White Culture
That was then this is now.

Do try to keep up.
Hates Whites for Colonizing India

That retarded anachronism was created by a White-hating Hindu Dindu bootlicker, Dinesh D'Souza, in his book Hillary's America. Typical of postmodern punditry, it had little to do with the Rodham Rodent. Its only message was, "The Democrats used to be on the side of White people and should never be forgiven for that."

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