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Startling puzzle of O’s second chance


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May 22, 2012
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Startling puzzle of O’s second chance​

NY Post ^
By: Michael Goodwin

His first four years were mostly a bust, he offered no promises or agenda for the second four—and Barack Obama won anyway.

Go figure. I’ll always be proud of my country, but Obama’s victory defies political logic and economic reality. It was a stunning personal triumph for a president who was ripe for a downfall.

Now comes the hard part. The presidency is a singular institution in our democracy, and Obama too often showed himself unable to bear its unique burdens in the last four years.

He set a partisan tone right out of the gate when, in a showdown over the stimulus, he rejected Republican ideas and declared, “I won.” It was a moment of chest-thumping bravado that helped poison the well.

Yet he survives, even though a majority of the public still doesn’t support his major achievement, ObamaCare, and the high unemployment rate has consigned millions of American families to a reduced standard of living. Annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion are a fixture of his tenure, guaranteeing that the national debt of $16 trillion will continue to grow, presumably until it explodes.

His foreign policy is stuck between dithering and dishonesty, and, counter to his self-aggrandizing promises, the world doesn’t love us more because he is at the helm.

Despite his many talents, Obama showed no talent for uniting and moving the country forward in his first term. He gets another chance and, frankly, I would be surprised if he does much better this time.

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Startling puzzle of O’s second chance - NYPOST.com


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Nov 3, 2009
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He doesn't have to promise anything. He doesn't have to do anything. He really doesn't give a rats ass what happens in this country now. He's got it made.

He's got his second term and he doesn't need anyone to vote for him again. He doesn't have to care about the economy or anything else.

America is going to find out they have made one giant mistake on a second term for this fuck.

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