Silent Shouts

Sonny Clark

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Dec 12, 2014
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Gadsden Alabama
Where are our voices heard? When the people speak, whether it's through the media, through protests and marches, or at the polls on election day, where are the voices heard the loudest? What actual weight is given to the voice of the people? Are we shouting in a vacuum where sound can't escape? And, how many has to shout before the voices are loud enough to be heard?

When we think about such issues as abortion, civil rights, gun control, wars, Social Security, same-sex marriages, judicial injustices, minimum wages, income inequality, unfair taxation, differences in religions and religious practices, and prejudicial influences that determine our laws and policies, whose voices speak the loudest?

Since the people are not asked for their input before laws and policies are passed and enacted, is it fair to say that the people have no voice? Is the people's voice the mere act of electing representatives to speak for them? And, if our representatives do not act in our best interest, what recourse do we have? Are we not all at the mercy of those that we elect to represent us?

Near absolute power has almost taken away the voice the people. To a great extent, we have been silenced by our passive nature and trusting acts of patriotism. We have allowed our government almost complete control to dictate the course of this nation, and to an extent, the lives of the people. Our silence and misguided trust has placed us in regression instead of progression.

Are we to remain silent, or are we to continue shouting until our voices are heard? Remember, the more voices the louder the shout.

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