Should The Tea Party Get Involved In Social Issues


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Feb 18, 2012
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A very irate lady on another board tried to take me to task for saying the Tea Party should get involved in social issues such as crime etc.

Now, look here----first of all--- I completely understand the Tea Party has no leader, has no party platform, is not even a real political party, is confused, fragmented and basically clueless about what is wrong with America and what could be done to fix it.....I understand all that all tooooooo me.

What I am saying and I know what is what for sure.....In order for the Tea Party to be taken seriously, to morph into a real political force it must get concerned and involved in any and everything that affects the safety and well being of the American deny that is to deny any reason for their existence whatsoever.

The tea party needs to understand that the White Working Class elected Obama....but the Whites who voted for Obama did so out of ignorance....lacking the requisite political understanding to make a wise choice....this sad state of affairs came about because the Tea Party did not emphasize and talk about things that might have interested the White Working Class....and particularly the Northern and Mid-Western White Working Classes...where Obama got the majority of his white supporters.

Just repeating the tired old mantra of 'smaller government and lower taxes for the rich' will not now or ever appeal to the majority voting bloc that might vote republican if treated fairly and above all if properly educated about what is going on in America.

You see the White Working Class does not have a lot of time to research politics and or to read much news in regards to what is happening in America...they need to be informed, to be educated...and that is where the Tea Party is falling short.

Things such as the following needs to be made into National Issues....if the liberals could make a National Issue out of a scumbag like trayvon then surely the Tea Party coupled with the aid of the Republican Party could wise up the Nation to the following types of incidents that are occurring at a ever increasing pace all across the Nation.

Now of course the media cannot relied upon to tell the White Working People the others must do so...and if they do then you can rest assured the White Working Class will be motivated to elect those who are tough on crime and especially black on white crimes.

VIDEO: Blind man beaten on Phila. street as witnesses look on - Crimesider - CBS News


Aug 20, 2013
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The TP should not get involved in social issues, as they represent the worst of right-wing extremism, xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and misogyny.

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