SF protesters urge Pelosi to pursue impeachment of Bush


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Jul 11, 2004

12-10) 13:48 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- As Democrats prepare to take control of Congress, a small but spirited rally in San Francisco called on the future speaker of the House of Representatives, the city's Rep. Nancy Pelosi, to move impeachment to the top of the legislative agenda.

"We need Nancy Pelosi to serve and represent her people. We need her to stand up and say I'm going to do what's right," said Norah Foster, one of the organizers of the rally at United Nations Plaza near San Francisco's City Hall and Civic Center.

"If she puts impeachment back on the table, I'm confident Bush and Cheney will resign within four months," Foster said during the rally.

The protest -- organized by Bay Area anti-war groups -- was held on the 60th International Human Rights Day. Similar rallies were scheduled in other large American cities.

The turnout was a far cry from the street-filling protests held in opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The listeners at U.N. Plaza barely outnumbered the two dozen or so organizers, who were wearing orange jumpsuits, windbreakers and T-shirts.

But neither the small turnout -- nor intermittent rain -- dampened the speakers' ardor.
why would they resign with impeachment on the table? It makes absolutely no sense.

1)There is nothing they can impeach them on
2)They dont have the votes to do it.

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