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Senate On Reconcil. Bill Should Brace U.S. For Economic Sunami f/ Health Law


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Jun 6, 2007
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Senate on the Reconciliation Bill should go through the bill and cut provisions that will hurt the Budget and aren't necessary. So as to try to brace the nation for the overwhelming bills, like on health insurance subsidies and Medicaid, that will come from the health care law.

After the Senate passed HR 3590 on Christmas Eve, the White House and the Senate had allegedly come to a deal where for the excise tax on "cadillac" health insurance plans they would leave the implementation of the tax in 2013 in place for everyone except workers in collective bargaining agreements and state and Federal workers (who would be subject in 2018) because these workers had sacrificed pay increases for years to maintain these great health insurance benefits. That deal was a good and fair deal, it started this excise tax on the wealthy wall street types' insurance in 2013, such individuals can afford to pay the passed through costs. The country desperately needs this tax revenue, the Senate should implement this deal. This total postponement until 2018 is a joke, not only is the Federal government giving big Wall Street executives a break again, but not starting the tax to some degree in 2013 is going to make it all the more easier for Unions and Insurance companies to scuttle this tax the Congress will be cutting lose the hook on these parties, they will have eight years to exert influence for a scuttle and the last 14 months has shown their influence can be deadly.

If the Senate is wise they'll scrap the provisions requiring the Federal Government to pick up more of the cost of the expanded Medicare program. The Senate should essentially stick with the legislative scheme in HR 3590, for the first three years the Federal Government will pick-up the whole tab but then after that only ninety percent. Because otherwise Congress is going to get taken to the cleaners with this program, state officials and other powers to be in a state are going to view this program as a way to bring money to their state and they are going to milk it for all its worth, these provisions will cause the Medicaid and Chip program expense in the Federal Budget to be shockingly higher than projections.

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