School Safety- Armed Security Guards or Piss Pots?


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Oct 15, 2020
Nothing says we really care about the kids quite like providing them with a pot to piss in instead of armed security guards.

A school district in Michigan voted to provide all 800 classrooms with some sort of lockdown survival bucket that is basically a port-a-potty honeybucket.
It's a bucket with tp, wipes, gloves & a privacy tarp. So the kids can hunker down & do their business in case of a mass shooter rampage.

The school board meeting had security guards but they refused to discuss that option for the schools even though they have a $1 million grant that expires in 2024.
Are the kids not at least as worthy of security as some morons on a school board?
I'm sure they all took virtue signal selfies next to a honeybucket for their chappedsnatch followers.

You want to stop school shootings? Quit making them the juiciest target in the area.
Harden the doors, keep them locked & provide well trained/armed security.
Allow some of the teachers to carry a gun if desired.

This would stop that crap right away but the progbots are almost universally against this.
Why is that? It couldn't be because they want the headlines from barbaric slaughters of innocent children to further their political agenda to strip all rights to own or bear arms from the populace, would it?

Nah, only complete psychos would do that... :confused:

Classroom lockdown kits are becoming an ever more present item for school districts to consider purchasing. These kits typically contain buckets to be used as toilets, toilet paper, waste bags, privacy tarps, wet wipes, duct tape, and gloves. If a school goes into lockdown for whatever reason, such as the presence of an active shooter, kids can not go to the restroom. Lockdown kits are to help alleviate this added stress.​

Why be reactive as opposed to proactive? Behaviors can be traced and using models to determine trends can be used to determine threats.

All media does is sensationalize these outcomes, places individuals in the spotlight for their 30 minutes of fame and encourages future outcomes.
The left isn't interested in doing anything which will positively affect school safety, as they know they cannot push their mindless anti-gun agenda w/o the bodies of dead children to stand on and the blood of dead children to bathe in.
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