Save Ourselves? I doubt it- Time Marches On-


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Oct 25, 2019
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This author is anti-capitalist- that'll make some happy, but, it won't fix/or save anything- capitalist is merely a tool with a determined (by consensus/mutual agreement) exchange of goods and services. The problem is those fixing/rigging, (dictating by law) by fiat, the value of the tool- arbitrary price fixing through arbitrary price fixing is still price fixing it doesn't matter how it's sliced or diced. Those "fixing" the price/value of currency are pretentious know-it-alls- History (the Roman Empire) proves debasing currency is problematic and leads to downfall- "when havoc is created, chaos ensues and catastrophe is inevitable"- <<<<< the Natural course of events

When markets determine, through action or inaction, by consumers, the value of a goods or service, it is a true capitalist venture exercising a right to participate in a market chosen by the consumer- the choice influences the market- the "fixer" dictates the market limiting choices- choice is the most basic right humans have- a monopoly, is supposed to be illegal- price fixers have a monopoly- the fed reserve bank is a monopolist, not a capitalist venture.

Capitalism offers opportunity to participate in- "fixed" opportunity limits and restricts participants choices, means and resources. Loaning resources (fiat currency) enslaves ALL participants to an arbiter(s) opinion/projection- a projection in this situation is an educated guesstimate- the education system the arbiters graduated from are suspect, at best- especially when it comes to original intent of the founders of this Country, who didn't mandate capitalism, but, whose inhabitants exercised it.

It Is Not About Trump OR Biden

Throughout its history, capitalism has been using different tactics to suppress opposition.

At one stage it was the fantasy of an inevitable revolution. It is indeed the threat of that rebellious spirit which contributed to the evolvement of the welfare state, yet the promised revolution never materialized.


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Oct 31, 2012
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Orange man bad!

Orange man Gone!

Everything OK now other than what Orange man may have put in motion in the future that turns out bad.

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