Russian Poseidon torpedo, fact or fiction?

I'm sure they have as many mad scientists there as we do. Why do all countries let a few screwballs run things, it's like a major human flaw. One nuclear-armed Poseidon torpedo could decimate a coastal city. Russia wants 30 of them.
🇷🇺 BS
Dear Uncle P warned America of its prowess in the field of Hyper Sonic Missiles .
100% accurate and now America is stranded and years behind .

He has been talking about Poseidon for a long time . What clown wants to bet against him ?

CNE 2024
Posesidon nuclear torpedo cutaway

The weapon’s expected speed, around 70 knots, is fast enough to make it realistically uncatchable to existing torpedoes. And its operating depths, perhaps as deep as 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) puts it beyond reach. Western planners will have to develop new weapons to intercept it. And that will take considerable time and investment.

A nuclear reactor gives the weapon essentially unlimited range. This gives it new levels of operational flexibility in terms of launch and target locations. Although it is restricted to at-sea or coastal targets, such as New York, Los Angeles. It can be launched from under the protection of the ice cap, or from coastal waters.
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