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Romney-Ryan Even Evoking Bush-Cheney Caused Wrath of Moslems!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The "Helter-Skelter," Manson Family Values" approach to the religion of Mohammed, some prophet of widely held religious belief: Clearly originates of Bush-Cheney. Mostly, any terrorists involved in 9/11 were atomized instantly.

The response to the "No More Terrorists" alive was clearly an unwarranted attack on two other nations: Aghanistan and Iraq. In the case of Afghanistan, raging wars over decades had fairly well dismantled any pretense at modern life. In the case of Iraq, Saddaam Hussein was anti-Al Queda, and in fact some semblance of "Moslem Socialist," ushering that nation into the the civilized world.

Moslem they were thought to be! Kill them all became centerpiece policy, USA.

And at GOP, even now, religion v. religion is at the center of it all!

Film on Muslim Prophet sparks protests | Reuters

The foreign-policy disaster of Romney-Ryan is easily regarded an extension of the old Bush-Cheney disregard of international law and diplomacy. Governor Romney essentially came out in support of "Hate Crime" speech, which the embassy on the ground was trying to cool down. And in support of the contention, anyone looks to the part of the Republican Party, wiped out completely in some nature of linkage between Jesus Christ and the United States.

And then you have one even all Mormon about it!

Jesus Christ mostly really shows up big time under Obama-Biden, in "The Refundable Make Work Pay Income Tax Credit," modeled after Matthew 20::1-16. Anyone gets about $400.00, regardless if they had worked all the year or not. The first could be last, and the last could be first.

Subsequent the 2010 midterms, the Republicans took that away, easily first thing to do!

So then Governor Romney comes out against the U. S. Government, under attack in other nations, in support of some linkage of Jesus and America, saying Hate Crime Speech is fully protected under Amendment One! Hate Crime Speech is in fact, according to Governor Romney, a fundamental value of the USA.

Anyone would actually, probably confine that kind of moral compass to the Manson Family, or to Bush-Cheney, or to the RNC generally. Manson himself, remains confined, in fact!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Party of Abraham Lincoln maybe better off confining its plea for absolute free speech to Rap Music rock and roll, in America! Maybe comment instead on, "Yanked Her By The Hair! Shoved Her Down The Stairs! Ripped Out All Her Eyes! Then kicked Her In The Gut So the baby would throw up: Then like a dog in Vomit, Die like a GI In Iraq!"

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