RCMP used covert search and surveillance powers before arresting high-level intelligence official


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Aug 6, 2012
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The problem with Canadian policing, is nepotism. Finding people who are political patsies and who will rub the feet of their bosses. It's is a Canadian trait or abuse and cowadice. Putting us all at risk.

Toronto Police Services, hire some of the worst. OPP, RCMP, Peel Region Police, all hiring people of weak character and constitution.

When Napoleon took over Europe and almost the world, he took the poor into his military. He rejected the upper class pedigree that most generals loved. He wanted fighters, those with character, not seeking glory but wanting to defend an ideal.

How many more dirtbags are working in Canadian police while in plain clothed, who would happily sell out their nation for a few bucks? The list is lengthy. This guys action alone, has placed America and other allies in harms way.

In the RCMP's search for a leak that ultimately led to the arrest of top intelligence official Cameron Ortis last year, investigators first obtained a general warrant 15 months earlier.

The Fifth Estate has learned that the RCMP obtained more than two dozen court-ordered warrants and authorizations in the months prior to and after the arrest of Ortis that gave them broad powers, including covert surveillance and the ability to intercept communications.

Ortis was arrested on Sept. 12, 2019. As director general of the RCMP's National Intelligence Co-ordination Centre (NICC) for more than three years, he was one of the highest-ranking civilian members in Canada's federal police force, with access to numerous sensitive national and multinational investigations.

Ortis faces eight counts of violating the Security of Information Act and two criminal counts. The Crown alleges that he violated the Security of Information Act by obtaining guarded information that he intended to leak, as well as leaking special operational information.

A list of 27 warrants and authorizations was recently disclosed to The Fifth Estate by the Crown's office in Ottawa. All of the information submitted by the RCMP to the courts in Ontario and British Columbia to obtain the warrants and authorizations has been sealed.

But the list reveals the RCMP were engaged in a deep internal investigation for months.

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