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Rasmussen Et. Al. State Poll Predictors! Angle Plus 3 In Nevada 10/31/10


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Feb 22, 2009
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Secretary of State, Colin Powell, was unable to compare Romney Favorably to President Eisenhower, of the Republican Party. General Powell will support President Obama instead! Eisenhower had been in the leadership against the Nazis, and could never support publically: The Republican Extremist Brand of U. S. Senator Joe McCarty. In Dramatic Contrast with the famous Eisenhower-Middle-Class-Brand, Governor Romney still embraces the Candidacy of Extremist Mourdock in Indiana! Someone's polls are showing big trouble, more than likely!

Anyone now can compare the role of the five-stars, and the basis of complete rejection of the Extremist Republican leaders and candidates.

See for example, Rasmussen Polling, and others: Condemning U. S. Senator Reid to a complete demise against extremist Tea Berserker, Sharron Angle, in Nevada.

RealClearPolitics - Election 2010 - Nevada Senate - Angle vs. Reid

People tend to notice that the organizations miss a lot when robo-polling. People miss a lot when failing to contact cell phones. People miss a lot when trying to estimate just how many times they may have already contacted one cell phone user, at a different number.

The Romney Campaign is likely not missing what it is finding, among its base, at all!

Clearly, in 2010 polling, in a state race: The Republican-Leaning pollsters were generally wide of the mark in predicting an outcome in many of the races. Even Now, the Gallup results are skewed to a Southern plurality(?)--even compared against the other national regions(?)!

Karl Rove more likely has blown too many mega-bucks on the State of Indiana to now be able to count on any kind of closing ground game, even there. It would remain to be seen if anyone would turn out, to even look at the entry doors of potential Hoosier voters.

See that the margin had been plus three for Reid against Angle, when discounting the "statistical tie" concept of any reliable polling, any more! It would be expected to find the state races tending more to DNC favorable outcomes--in the event of the statistical "tie," even plus three, like in Nevada, in the other surge at the Midterms!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Alla en el rancho grande: alla no hay telefonos(?)! Alla solamente cell phones! Alla todos son trabajando! Alla No conozquen, Eastwood!)

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