Race-baiting Joe Biden claims housing prices are based on race.

Man you should just quit while you're behind, but as usual, once you stick one foot in your mouth, you just open wider and stick the other one in there with it.

Blacks neighbourhoods were relegated to the less desireable properties. Close to railway tracks, slaughter houses, freeways, and manufacturing where pollution poisoned the water and air, increasing asthma and cancers.

When white people moved to the suburbs, state governments in red states began "disinvesting" in black communities for water treatment, schools, and police forces used the communities as "cash cows", by over policing the black communities with excessive traffic stops and fines (see Ferguson, Jackson, Flint).

MONEY spent in infrastructure, development, education and community services increases the value of white neighbourhoods - all of which are controlled by the white states' governments in red states, to the detriment of their cities and towns throughout the states.

Their first excuse is always that the municipal governnment is "corrupt" and can't be given any money.

Thanks for informing us how Democrats segregated America. Goes great with you claiming Trudeau is a racist xenophobe.

Meanwhile back to the topic.
Obviously one is priced less because it’s in a black neighborhood.



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