question about coverage until 26 in the new HC bill


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Sep 21, 2009
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I am a little confused about the part of the HC bill that extends staying on your parent's plan until 26. I just turned 23 a month ago and graduated college last may. My dad had told me when I started college that as long as I was in school I could be on his work's plan and that he would pay for it. Once I graduated I was immediately dropped from his plan (as almost all health insurance companeis do to graduates on their parents plan). I started working with a startup who did not provide HC so I got my own plan and have had it since then.

With my situation, if the bill passes as is, would I be able to retroactively jump back on my dad's plan? It seems insane that insurance companies would have to do it retroactively but I couldn't really find anything specific about it.

I almost agree with it going forward though because it really sucks being dropped the day your last semester ends. Graduation isn't even until two weeks after that and most people take a month off at least before starting a full time job (assuming they even had one lined up while still in school). Not having health insurance then just adds a lot of stress for people who are moving out on their own, going on their own finances for the first time, and starting what could become their life long job.

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