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Putin to Neocons Trying to Put Intermediate Range Missiles on His Ukraine Border: Play Stupid Games, Get Stupid Prizes


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Oct 14, 2007
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:thankusmile: Excellent apology.the majority of posters here at this site have been brainwashed by the idiot box in the living room.the same idiot box thst they know still lies to them on who shot jfk and they know they lie to them on that yet they STILL believe what the idiot box is telling them on the Russia Ukraine crisis,incredible.:cuckoo:

they don’t use logic and common sense thinking outside the box as you do.that NATO is run by evil demonic people hell bent on starting a war.that Russia does not want war,they are only defending themselves against NATO and sleepy joe.NATO is pulling a Hitler trying to invade Russia and Russia is just fighting back,people here in the states swallow everything the western media tells them hook line and sinker on this even with their long history of lying to the people though.:cuckoo:

thst is so spot on,could not have said it better myself,:thup:just imagine Russia putting missiles on the border of Mexico and our military defending themselves cause they started crossing the us border to invade us yet everybody in Russia believed what their media was telling them thst the United States was starting a war with Russia.that is exactly what the sheep here in America are doing,they are believing everything the idiot box in the living room tells them about Russia not considering fir one second they are lying to them that NATO is the enemy murdering people,not Russia.i feel like I’m on a deserted island here in the states trying to reason with people on this.All my online friends from other countries like sweeden and others who don’t listen to the western media,THEY get it that NATO is the warmonger,not Russia.
Russia has proven they cannot be trusted. Soon...more countries will join NATO. Putin is a blood thirsty killer. And if you support him with your lies...YOU ARE A TRAITORS. The MAGA faithful are showing where their loyalty lies when they drool over Pootin. And that includes TFG...who is married to Pootin.

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