Presidential Elections: Election campaigns start in Venezuela


Nov 14, 2012
10 candidates run for the presidency in Venezuela. The US-supported right wing hardliner coalition "Unitary Platform" has reportedly received US-funds via a lobbyist company. Their election promise is to make Venezuela a "reliable partner", which means a satellite state.
Maduro wants to secure the achievements made.

"US-backed" makes it sound like we're brazenly interfering in their election! :omg:
That kind of interference take places almost everywhere. The US has even reinstated all the sanctions because their beloved one is not allowed to run. But that is all nothing compared to what happened under Trump.
Marxist never lose an election after they control the ballot counting.
It will take force to get rid of them.
Marxist never lose an election after they control the ballot counting.
It will take force to get rid of them.
There are places where the right is completely out of control and even a terrorist malice. Venezuela is such a place.

It now came to light that the right-wing opposition tried to employ a Colombian militia to terrorize Venezuela during the election period.
The group that is suspected to be a bloody drug cartel´s military rejected the offer and issued a statement on X:

Communiqué to public opinion🛑

The CONQUERING SELF-DEFENSES OF THE SIERRA are permitted to inform public opinion, national and international, that our units in the department of La Guajira have been contacted by extreme right-wing groups in Venezuela, to destabilize the government of the Republic of Venezuela, the interlocutors have made all kinds of requests, among them, attacking the electrical infrastructure, acting against the presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro, acting in case he is re-elected by infiltrating protests and generating chaos in the streets, in the face of this we allow ourselves to demonstrate that our organization does not get involved in the internal affairs of other countries, that our organization must and has the purpose of maintaining order in the Sierra Nevada, we will contact the diplomatic authorities of Venezuela to disclose details of the information disclosed.



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The polls show it is going to be a runaway victory....but will it...


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