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  • the evil and corrupt ronald reagan exposed.some MORE.

    Reagan's was the most corrupt administration in the lifetime of most Americans
    also to listen to ANYTHING crusader retard says is dagaging your credibility.He is USMB'S resident troll.Practially everybody who knows him who isnt a troll,laughs at him all the time because he blatantly ignores facts and evidence and never addresses them

    Thats why he throws temper tantrems and goes into meltdown mode when you expose his hero reagan for the evil corrupt bastard he was. even Echo zulua former mod here who NEVER insulted people and was nice to people all the time,even SHE laughed at his stupidity when she was here so thats saying a lot.:D to say Reagan was a close second as best president of the 20th century,thats like saying you love mass murderers of millions of innocent people.this is the real ronald reagan right here below.
    In my humble opinion - and I'm very humble - Coolidge was the greatest president of the 20th century. Ronald Reagan is a close second.
    you didnt reply so since you didnt,you ARE joking right? you cant POSSIBLY be
    I dont believe in neg repping people when they make absurd statements so since i never saw you post anything in reply,Reagan a close second?you ARE joking righ? you cant possibly be serious?

    as someone else said on that thread,try theodore roosevelt as a close second as being the second greatest president of the 20th century. Neither him or Coolidge were mass murderers of innocent civilians.:cuckoo:
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