Political Cartoon

You Willie, maybe Martha Stewart, and shizzu his shizzu need to blow some weed and talk about the thing's you might know something about, uhhh in which ain't a whole hell of a lot. Break out the easy bake oven and make some brownies for yourselves. Do something you feel constructive about, and leave politics alone for the adult's to deal with.
Hey, y'all wanted everything normalized, so now you complain about it ? The same crazy was going on in the old days, but people hid it for the good of the country and to keep the children out of it, but that all changed with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden who brought it all out in the open without regard to any kind of line's that shouldn't be crossed.

Trump is just like John Kennedy who doesn't want his personal life put on display because of politics, but fight dirty and hitting below the belt is all you lefties got, because you want something for nothing, and you can't win on the issue's because the issue's don't matter to you leftist. The only thing that matters is gaining the power so you can use it against the American people in ways they never imagined possible..

Wake up America. Wake up for the children if nothing else.

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