Political Cartoon

All these things the left have projected onto Trump, when in reality they (if the shoe fits), are the true violators of most all above that is mentioned.

I truly believe that the American patriot will see through the charade, and not be persuaded to falsely look beyond what lay right in front of them in which they know and see first hand daily.

The most egregious is the indoctrination and predatory attacks on the school kid's. I mean think about it folks, they had the FBI looking at parents to consider them as domestic terrorist because the parents didn't want their children being exposed to drag queens and propaganda for the new agenda's.

You can't make this crap up I tell ya.

Well guess what dipstick, he was wrong and Trump and him are OK with each other these days. Sometimes it takes a minute for people to come around, but they do, and especially when they finally realize that the Democrat's are no good. Easy choice then.

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