Political Cartoon

😆.... George Stephanopous ? The guy that was reported to watch something with somebody he was definitely not supposed to be watching that something with ?? If you people weren't so dumb you'd probably be a little more tolerable, but nope you people are just to freaking dumb to be tolerated at the minimal levels that you are currently being tolerated at.
If government isn't the solution, then why do you Dems love to grab it's authority and it's power by any means possible ???? Is it that you Democrat's (all who fit the profile), are doing so just because it helps you to force your wicked agenda's down everyone's throats, and then ironically it's by way of the very government power you decry, and yet want to hold onto so badly each year because of it's known power potentials that are currently being used and abused by you crats ?????????

Hypocrisy is the Democrat's middle name.
You knuckleheads attempting to separate one's opinions from their character make up when serving, uhhhhh is about as hypocritical and dumb as it gets.

If the nation used your ways of thinking then government couldn't or wouldn't exist.

You people have character make up's and opinions on everything also in life, yet you still hold government office's and judgeship positions as individuals or as people that are supposed to be controlling the very thing that you claim is out of control ??????

You do realize that all other's are just human beings with unique qualities, standards and make up's in which they try to live by daily, otherwise hopefully just as you try to do right ?? So when compare the standards, you Democrat's know that you should lose everytime right ?

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