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Anyone who purposely destroyed the border, and then tried to lie about it like Biden and the Democrat's have done, definitely needs to trade places with the J-6 protesters that are in jail, and it's because they are the real criminals that attempted to flood the country with uneducated migrants that will give their loyalty to these Democrat thieves who promised to take them in using our Treasury in ways that wasn't ever agreed upon by the American citizen taxpayer.

Not only is Biden a TREASONOUS citizen for being the mouth piece for it all, but AOC is right up there with him because of her attempt at fooling the American citizens with her heated corrupt rhetoric spewed constantly just as well.. Now they have a beautiful young aspiring nurses blood on their hands, for whom was brutally killed by their dereliction of duties as the U S. Citizen's representatives on such national security issues.

Your meme is definitely what the pulse of AMERICA'S heartbeat's are feeling about the Biden presidency right now.

No MORE !!!!!!! 👍
All president's have immunity until the investigation's say otherwise... Ask Richard Nixon about it. Biden's alleged crime's are catching up to him now, and it ain't looking good for anyone that attached their wagon's to his political wagon, because he flat out duped them like the dupes that they are. You being the mouth piece for Biden on this site, uhhh is really making you look like a desperate Democrat trying to keep hope alive in the wake of it all. It's not working for you, and it's truly making you look a fool while in your desperation to salvage the Biden presidency, and doing so for your own personal likings and needs.
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