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Police Training In The US.


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Jul 22, 2019
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There is no law that requires an officer to detain someone simply walking home from the store.

However, there are several that require police to detain anyone suspected of committing an offense. It's kind of their raison d'etre.

Elijah McClain was never suspected of committing anything. Lies were created to make it look like Breonna Taylor had.

The officer that lied to the courts had no charges brought against him.

Of course, that's your opinion. You weren't there and have no first-hand knowledge of the case.

We do have the knowledge of both cases.


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Sep 1, 2017
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How Are Police Officers Trained In the US
In developing its professional staff, the United States Capitol Police (USCP) empowers individuals to reach their full potential, ensuring professional growth and career opportunities within the Department. –The United States Capitol Police
The United States boasts having one of the most trained and professional police forces in the world. Becoming a police officer involves years of rigorous training. Even then, there is no assurance that you would fully qualify to become a full pledged police officer.

Becoming a police officer is more of a passion than a means of employment for many people. They find satisfaction knowing that they are contributing to keeping their country safe and peaceful. Police officers are often chosen not for what they have done, but rather what they could do to serve the country.

This is why most states do not require applicants to have any bachelor degrees. A high school degree is already sufficient when applying for officership. Nevertheless, the training they undergo assures that they are well equipped when facing real life scenarios.

Requirements To Become A Police Officer:~

...you can train 24/7 and be very smart--mistakes will happen no matter what...it's like combat [ not like making a cheese sandwich ] = you can train all you want but it is not like the REAL thing
...pilots are very smart and get paid mucho $$$$$..they train on million $ simulators...have THOUSANDS of hours of flight time --but they still hundreds of people

...when you have 2 or more humans in conflict, this just exponentiates the problem .....it's dynamic.....humans can't even get simple shit correct like a fast food order---imagine what it is like dealing with IRRATIONAL, dumbass, VIOLENT jackass criminals

I should imagine it’s a different matter when you are caught up in an emotionally charged dangerous situation.

Very easy for we armchair warriors to comment.

A fake $20 should never become an emotionally charged situation. Selling some loose cigarettes on the corner should never become an emotionally charged situation. Driving with a wide set nose should never become an emotionally charged situation. Messing around out in the garage should never become an emotionally charged situation. Walking home from the store should never become an emotionally charged situation. Having dated a drug dealer in the past and dumping him should never become and emotionally charged situation.
yes---yes --you are RIGHT--the jackass criminals should not escalate the problem THEY caused

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