Police: *knock knock* / Man Inside: "Hold on. I'm cooking meth"


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Dec 30, 2006
Man Tells Deputies: 'I'm Cooking Meth'
Associated Press 01.02.07, 8:25 PM ET

When deputies knocked, Herman Scott Swafford told them what they already smelled. McMinn County Sheriff's Department records show deputies knocked on the door of an outbuilding, suspicious that someone might be making methamphetamine.

A report shows that Deputy Mike Patterson smelled a chemical odor and when he asked Swafford what was going on inside, Swafford said, "You know what's going on, I'm cooking meth."

A search that followed sent him to jail Sunday.

Deputies found a glass bottle with a plastic 20-ounce soda bottle attached to it with red electrical tape and a hot plate with the heat turned on. The report shows ingredients used to make meth were in the bottle and had been cooking about 45 minutes.

Swafford, 51, of Athens, was charged with starting the process of making methamphetamine and a probation violation warrant.

A hazardous materials team was called to dispose of the meth components.
Tattoo "Too Stupid To Live" to Herman's forehead and give him a vasectomy. Get him outta the gene pool before he drags the rest of us down.
He might have helped cut down on booking paperwork too.

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