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Paul Hackett uses so-called "assault rifle" to defend family


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Dec 30, 2006
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Glorious People's Republic of California
From John Lott Jr's website:

Democrat uses "Assault Rifle" to defend family
Former Democratic Congressional and Senate candidate uses an "assault rifle" to defend his family. "Indian Hill lawyer and former congressional candidate Paul Hackett says he was woken up by 'criminal activity'on November 19 and 'took affirmative action to protect his wife and family from an unknown disturbance at his house.'" There is a certain irony here. Assuming that this gun is a real "assault rifle," it is interesting that the leftwing HuffingtonPost is giving the case such positive coverage. Of course, they face a certain tension. On the one hand, two of their columnists are Josh Sugarman and the Brady Campaign's Paul Helmke. On the other hand, Hackett is a liberal Democrat who they supported when he ran for office.


The discussion on the leftwing HuffingtonPost is pretty entertaining. Many are condeming Hackett, saying that what he did was unjustified. It seems to me that when dealing with three men like that, there is nothing wrong about being careful, and in addition the news story doesn't contain a lot of detail about what happened so the conclusions that are being drawn seem strained.

UPDATE: As expected, it turns out that this "assault rifle" was a civilian version of the AR-15:cuckoo: :rofl: :rolleyes: , meaning that it is a semi-automatic rifle. A .223 caliber rifle can't even be used for deer hunting in most states because the bullet is not big enough to ensure that you will kill, as opposed to wound the animal.

Posted on 1-10-07 at http://www.johnrlott.com/

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