"palestinan" Arab butcher of 5-year-old girl hiding under bed - caught hiding in Shifa maternity ward


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Nov 13, 2023
Note the symbolic - sending him to allah as he was hiding in the maternity ward where mothers are supposed to bring life, children.

And it was Purim season: when which commemorates the day when Haman had plotted to kill the Jews, “from the young to the old, little children and women”.

Terrorist murderer of 5-year-old girl caught hiding in Shifa maternity ward

| 04.04.2024

Little Danielle hiding under her parents' bed was an easy target for Dewik, the murderous terrorist coward the IDF found hiding in Shifa, where there were more terrorists than the official number of 700 patient beds.

On a Sabbath morning, three Islamic terrorists invaded the Israeli village of Adora located in the Judean Mountains in the rebuilt vicinity of a city dating back to the reign of King Solomon.

The Jihadists had carefully picked the Sabbath morning when many of the men and some of the women would be praying in the synagogue. To fool what few families were at home, they wore the uniforms of Israeli soldiers as they entered their houses.

At the Shefi family home, Jacob Shefi, a policeman, was in the synagogue and his wife Shiri was in the bedroom playing with their three children, 5-year-old Danielle, 4-year-old Uriel and 2-year-old Eliad, when one of the terrorists burst into the bedroom.

Danielle had wanted to go to the synagogue, but her mother insisted on doing her hair first.

Shiri told the children to hide under the bed and covered them with her body as the terrorist opened fire. Wounded, she still managed to force the door closed as the terrorists continued their rampage across the village. Uriel and Eliad were wounded, but Danielle, hiding under the bed, was dead.

Jacob Shefi, running home at the sound of gunshots, thought the terrorists were soldiers and asked them what was happening. They shot at him and he ran to a house nearby to find a gun. When he saw his wife again, she told him, “they murdered our daughter.”

Danielle Shefi was one of 4 people murdered in the Adora attack, including Katia Greenberg, a Russian immigrant and mother of 3 who worked with the disabled, Yaakov Katz, a Soviet dissident physicist, who left the USSR with Reagan’s help and was working on laser technology, and First Sergeant Arik Becker, a 22-year-old reservist who was killed trying to stop the attack.
It was the spring of 2002 and such Islamic terror atrocities still had the power to shock the world. Or those parts of it that were not the media which headlined the story as, “Palestinian Gunmen Kill 4 Israeli Settlers in West Bank.” And Danielle Shefi became just another “Israeli settler”.
“Anyone capable of looking a 4-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl in the face and then shooting them is not human,” Jacob Shefi told the press. “Danielle, who never hurt anyone and who was taught to love and respect all human beings, Jew or Arab, was murdered in her parents’ bedroom – which for her should have been the safest place.”
When her kindergarten classmates were told that the little girl had gone to heaven, they asked, “What is Danielle doing up there near the birds and planes?”
“Please remember Danielle Shefi, a little girl in Israel. Danielle was five. When the murderers came, she hid under her bed. Palestinian gunmen found and killed her anyway,” Elie Wiesel, the great writer of the Holocaust, urged President Bush. “Please remember that while Israelis mourned alongside us for our nation’s tragedy on September 11th, Yasir Arafat was busy suppressing footage of his constituents dancing in the streets.”
But few remembered and the world moved on. One of the terrorists from the Adora attack was released as part of the disastrous Shalit hostage exchange deal in 2011.
Fadi Mohammed Salaam Dewik, that terrorist, rose through the ranks and became a senior figure in Hamas. After Israel had finished its previous raid on the Al-Shifa hospital, the Qatari base used by Hamas, Dewik along with many other terrorists returned to the hospital.
They assumed that Israel would not come back without offering plenty of warning the way that it had during the previous raid on Al-Shifa under pressure from the Biden administration.
But this time the terrorists had made a fatal mistake.
After a campaign by Islamic terrorist supporters in Dearborn, Michigan, and their leftist allies, the Biden administration had turned on Israel to salvage his chances in the swing state.
Senator Schumer was chosen by the administration to denounce Israel and warn it not to endanger civilians by attacking Hamas. The weekend after Schumer’s shameful speech, Israel came back to Al-Shifa and this time there were no more warnings to tip off the terrorists.
Over the holiday of Purim, Israeli soldiers took out over 200 terrorists and captured over 650 terrorists. There were more terrorists at the hospital than its official number of 700 patient beds.
The terrorists included the top leadership of Islamic Jihad and senior Hamas officials. While most of the terrorists surrendered, expecting to be traded in a deal for the hostages, some of the most hardened holed up in the hospital’s maternity ward and wouldn’t come out.
Among them was Dewik.
Cartoons had often depicted Hamas hiding behind babies, and the terrorists made those cartoons come to life as they opened fire from the ER, threw grenades from the burn ward and when the maternity ward was finally liberated, IDF soldiers found sniper rifles, handguns and mortars hidden everywhere from beds to drop ceilings.
Dewik died alongside Zakariya Najeeb, a top terrorist who had coordinated operations for Hamas, in the maternity ward where mothers are supposed to bring life into the world.
The terrorist who had taken part in the murder of a 5-year-old girl died in a place of children.
Justice had been delayed for 22 years before finally catching up with Fadi Mohammed Dewik
“When I heard my daughter was murdered, my first reaction was: there is no God,” Jacob Shefi said at the time. “Then I came to my senses. I thought to myself, here, my two sons and my wife were left alive, even though terrorists shot at them from point blank range. They also shot at me and didn’t hit me, there is a Higher Power watching over us.”
“She loved to pray, go to synagogue. If only she had gone out with me in the morning, maybe she would be alive,” he said.
Today, Jacob is one of the “Blue Riders” motorcyclists in Israeli law enforcement and posts inspirational religious messages in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attacks of Oct 7.
When Danielle was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said that she wanted to be a righteous woman. Today she would have been a young woman, perhaps married with children of her own. Islamic terrorists denied her the opportunity as they had so many innocent victims, from the dead in Adora to those murdered on 9/11, 7/7 in London and Oct 7 in Israel.
Justice under these conditions seems elusive and at times even impossible. And those who are left behind may even wonder if there is a God who sees and makes right a broken world.
Danielle’s full name was Danielle Bat-El Shefi. Bat-El means “Daughter of G-d”.
Murdered on a Sabbath, Danielle was avenged on Purim which commemorates the day when Haman had plotted to kill the Jews, “from the young to the old, little children and women”.
The Biden administration and the world had abandoned Israel, but that Higher Power had not.

Iddough 🇮🇱 @CoIddough:

-Fadi Dewik, slaughtered 4 civillians in 2002, Adora, one of them was a 5 years old Danielle Shefi.
-Ra'ed Saad was a commander of the Al-Qassam brigades.
-Mahmoud Kwasma, senior member of the Hebron committee, planned and financed the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teenagers in 2014 which sparked the 2014 Gaza war.
-Ra'ad Thabat, Head of the Supply and Manpower Unit in the Hamas Military Wing.
They, alongside hunderds of other terrorists and Senior leaders of PIJ and Hamas were captured or eliminated in this "hospital"
And most importantly, ZERO civilian casualties. Which was why they had to lie about the crimes by the IDF and then admit it was a lie soon after when it backfired when people started to flee.
This was quite literally one of the most successful counterterrorism operations in history both in efficiency and avoidance of civilian casualties especially considering the terrorists literally operated and opened fire from inside ER rooms.

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The little girl died because Trump had mean tweets. He had no wars on his schedule. He preferred negotiated settlements. Wars keep American politicians rich so this little girl died for a good cause? The cause was to keep trump from getting elected. Biden voters rejoice. There are many more children to be slaughtered.

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