One KIA Soldier's Reasons For Joining


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Nov 22, 2003
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This is the 'condensed' version, from a 'My Space' entry, the LT is much more eloquent, links at site:

I am speechless. I have read it again and again and I want to just print out a copy of it on a small card and hand it out to every freaking person that wants to stop and ask me what I was thinking when I joined the Army. There are SO many reasons. How do I answer that question and make people understand? I look at people and wonder.. "How could I NOT join?"

I've resigned myself to the simplest of answers...

Why did you join?
"There are a couple of wars going on."

When are you coming home?
"When the Army says I can."

When are you getting out?
"When the wars are over."

Do you like it?
"Who likes war?"

What's it like?
"War sucks."

The questions deteriorate even further from there.. as do my replies.

But no one says it as eloquently and succinctly as the LT does.

Posted by Desertphnx at 5:50 PM

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