Obama's Sleek Black Tour Bus Cost $1.1 Million

Because we needed to pay our bills and not lose our credit rating... but because of the insanity involved in the debate that caused it to go to the 11th hour, we lost it anyway. Never, NEVER before has this happened in the History of our country, and it hurt us.

Fool. And it gets tedious with the likes of you.

Not to raise the debt ceiling. Eliminate debt.

Get a grip.
When the U.S. Secret Service decided to order two custom-made buses, including the one that transported President Obama through the upper Midwest this week, they had a specific model in mind.

The service, which has been transporting protectees by bus since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, wanted a particular model only available from the Quebec-based manufacturer Prevost.

“The vehicle had to support the weight of security and communication equipment that we had,” Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said in an interview. “Our understanding was that that was the only model that could do it.”

In the past, the Secret Service leased buses for presidential travel, but had to retrofit them to add security measures and enhanced communications capability. [...]

“We’ve been overdue for having an asset like this in our fleet of protective vehicles,” Donovan said, adding that leasing buses is “not inexpensive – that costs tens of thousands of dollars a month…. Designing our own vehicle really gives us a level of security that we couldn’t achieve by doing it the other way.”

The second bus will be used eventually by the Republican presidential nominee.​

Secret Service defends Canadian bus

I have to truly wonder what kind of leader Obama is that he is going to blame a HUGE GAFFE like this on a low-level underling.

"Why, it's not MY FAULT we sent 1.1 million dollars to Canada when Americans are looking for work... it ...it was the Secret Service! Yeah, that's the ticket."

And what happened to the buses that were used in 2008?

You have to wonder what kind of ODS it takes to attack the Secret Service for doing their job protecting the President of the United States.

The Secret Service's job is to protect the president's life, not to take political hits he should take for his own missteps. More to the point, the SS shouldn't be paying for this at all. A bus that was used for 3 days so he could ride around seeing how miserable everyone is and showing how much he cares that they don't have jobs, and it's made in effin' CANADA.
You have to wonder what kind of partisan must spin the reason for the concern in an effort to debunk it.
My guess is she is insecure with her position on the topic at hand.

Ya'll are attacking the President for a bus the Secret Service ordered, but I'm the partisan "hack". That's rich...

Whose running the country, the Secret Service or the President?

That's the problem with Obama. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault when things don't go his way.

It's Bush's Fault. Three years after Bush left.
It's the Earthquake in Japan's Fault.
It's the war in Libya's fault Gasoline is so expensive. (Not the fact he started that war or has limited drilling in the gulf.)
It's Boenher's fault.

It's the Secret Service's fault that he went riding around preaching to jobless Americans in a Bus made in Canada.

Frankly, if he has so little influence on his own government, it kind of defeats the purpose of his being president, doesn't it?
You guys are insane... simple as that. You do realize that when George W. went on his "Yes, America Can" bus tour in 2004, he used a bus... from the same company, right?

But big bad Obama draws the ire of the hateful.

Oh yeah, the reason there's two of them? The second one will go to the GOP nominee to do his campaign touring in, and they will become a permanent part of the government fleet.

Like I said... you people's hatred is borderline insane.

When Bush went on his tour, unemployment was a dreamy 5.5%. I don't know if that Bus was made by the same company or if that company made it in Canada or the US at that time, but the Democrats were free to make hay about it at the time and didn't. (Probably because they were the idiots who signed NAFTA.)

The thing here is that Obama is out there being part of the problem when he complains about the Problem. The problem is, there aren't any jobs in the US. WHy? It's easier and cheaper to make stuff in Canada. Or Mexico. Or China. It's like when Al Gore flies around in jets to talk about Global Warming.

But he stepped in it big time when they got these Buses in Canada, and his response was- BLAME THE SECRET SERVICE. Yup, I am completely powerless before the might of a bureaucracy that reports to me.
Your beef is w/ the sec service WT :( They make travel arrangements/requirements.

funny innit? all of a freaking sudden we gotta have tour busses that cost 1.1 million dollars each.. and that's after he increased the limousines brigade by about 70%.. cool damn dude.

How much was George's Bush's tour bus in 2004?? Who paid for that?? I really don't know. And you are so informed I'm sure you have the answer. I'm very curious. :)

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