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Obama’s new Global Warming EPA standards will cost 7 MILLION jobs for blacks, 12 MILLION jobs for Hi


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Jul 11, 2004
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Well now, that's someone who CARES about YOU. and just think YOU voted for it

Obama was supposed to launch America into a “post-racial” era where we finally settle our racist grudges, but his Global Warming regulations may unemploy so many minorities that they’ll have nothing else to do but tweet each other all day.

From the Heartland Institute:

A study commissioned by the National Black Chamber of Commerce to evaluate the potential economic impacts of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) clean power plan (CPP) on minority groups, found the CPP would increase poverty in the black community by 23 percent and cause the loss of 7 million jobs for black Americans by 2035.The Black Chamber of Commerce represents 2.1 million black-owned businesses in the United States.

Looking at the impact of the CPP on the Hispanic community, the study found it would increase poverty among Hispanics by 26 percent and result in the loss of 12 million jobs in the Hispanic community by 2035.


In testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on June 23, National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford discussed the report, Potential Impact of Proposed EPA Regulations on Low Income Groups and Minorities, testifying, “The study finds that the Clean Power Plan will inflict severe and disproportionate economic burdens on poor families, especially minorities.


The report found the CPP would “decrease Black and Hispanic median household income by $455 and $515 respectively, in 2035,” Alford testified.

ALL of it here:
Read more: http://therightscoop.com/obamas-new-global-warming-epa-standards-will-cost-7-million-jobs-for-blacks-12-million-jobs-for-hispanics/#ixzz3h7jEZr00

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