obama could nominate a muslim or a protestant


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Jun 19, 2010
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i'll miss scalia, my favorite, then thomas, who hasm't asked a question for twenty years.

another woman ?

i still believe that the justices after advise and consent, which i love, are above reproach.

but obama will try to do something big. keep in mind the two for one possiblity, bader G might take the opportunity to cash in her constitutional chips.

Carson skeptical about a Muslim on the Supreme Court

Ben Carson says he would have no problem having a Muslim on the Supreme Court, as long as that person is willing "to accept the principles and values" of the United States and its constitution.

Carson, who said last month that he would not advocate that a Muslim be president of the United States, told radio host Hugh Hewitt he would take a hard look at any potential Muslim nominee's background before proceeding.

this is a political hot spud now. obama v constitution.

"If I were the one nominating such a person, I would spend a good deal of time looking at their background and seeing if it is consistent with the kinds of standards that we expect from such a position," Carson said, according to an excerpt from the interview. "I would take that into account much more than what they had to say. It’s been part of the problem, I think, with some of the selections. We listen to what they say and not what they have done."

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recently there have been no protestants on the court.

i don't agree that obama shouldn't make the appointment. scalia died during obama's stint, it's too long to wait. the next prez will have plenty of chance. no one should try to pack or arrange the court. that flies in the face of what they are supposed to do. it's just about the constitution and the law.
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