o mal, its a swarm!


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Aug 18, 2008
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chicken farm
the locus are blooming....so we are trying to do an early pull of just locus honey....so yesterday on the way out to alt's....i hear the man say....o mal its a swarm....i look up the hill and see them swarming....you can hear them...too....so we got to get suited up...he wears a full suit...i only wear a half suit....

i dont like white boy butt and da man doesnt have white boy butt:

o yea the bees:

my job is to watch the bees...now in the above pic you can see they are not "balling" or forming one big ball...they are spread out on a couple of limbs...making it hard to find the queen...

so the goal...place the box under the bees...tap on the limb and all the bees fall into the box...eh?

moving fast with a box full of bees:


part of the swarm regroups...this happens when the queen has flown from one branch to another leaving for scent:

capture and carry:


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