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NRA and Second Amendment Foundation support suicide prevention bill...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yes....the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation actually want to prevent suicide......so they are focusing on suicide.....anti gunners use suicide to attack gun owners......see the difference.....?

Washington suicide prevention bill gets support from druggists, NRA

A measure that aims to help drop the number of suicides in the Evergreen State with a partnership of pharmacies and gun dealers has the backing of Second Amendment groups.

The suicide prevention bill, sponsored by House and Senate Democrats, would establish a task force and develop materials and training to spot signs of someone at peril from what they term the “nation’s most preventable form of death” in a state where the suicide rate is fourteen percent higher than the national average, and is the eighth leading cause of death among Washingtonians.

Backing the legislation in the Washington State House is Rep. Tina Orwall, D-Des Moines, while State Sen. Joe Fain, R-Auburn, will introduce a companion measure in the upper chamber.

“The consequences of suicide are devastating to families and the figures are alarming,” said Orwall in a statement. “But it is the nation’s most preventable form of death, and we all have a role in averting it by forming partnerships and working together to raise awareness and limit access to lethal means.”

Orwall’s proposal, HB 2793, would create a “Safe Homes Task Force” in conjunction with pharmacy schools, firearms dealers and gun owners groups through the help of the University of Washington School of Social Work.

The group will help the state Department of Fish and Wildlife update its firearm pamphlets to include suicide awareness materials while gun dealers would be eligible to participate in as a “safe homes partner” in exchange for a tax credit. Some 49 percent of Washington’s 1,111 suicides in 2015 came from firearms deaths.

And imagine....a liberal paradise state has a high suicide rate.......

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