North Korean nuclear attack would end Kim's regime, US warns

We've known since 1962 (Starfish Prime) that detonating a nuke in orbit can destroy electrical infrastructure on the surface and in space. Sixty years later and I don't think there is a single state government that has spent any money to harden our electrical grid against the catastrophe such a detonation would cause. Even after a government think tank estimated America could suffer up to 90% fatalities in the aftermath of an EMP attack, DC STILL hasn't done anything.
It's almost like they think it might be a good idea.
A nuke in orbit wouldnt be able to hurt our electrical grid. They are detoned a few thousand feet above the ground. The higher you detonate, the further the EMP spread, but the blast is weaker. If you go too high, it does nothing to the planet, but detonating one in orbit would shut down satellites for many years.
Perhaps those in power think an EMP attack that would kill off 9 out of 10 Americans would save the world from Global Warming.
Find a normal person and say that to them.

Report back on the reaction. It could be a valuable learning experience for you.
Is the prospect of nuclear war a common subject these days while Biden jokes about it and has his trembling thumb on the button?

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