New video of Arbery swearing at cops, almost got tased

Jul 26, 2010
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North Carolina
More information coming out. And in this it explains why the Neighbor Roddy was arrested.

It does not help the McMichaels.

To the defenders of the indefensible I suggest you should find someone else to celebrate. The McMichaels are not the heroes you wanted them to be.

LOL Just like a liberal you take the word of the attorney for the thief's mother. Another perfect example of how clueless you are about the law.

Nowhere does it state that you cannot coordinate with neighbors keeping a theif in view as you wait for the police and since Arbery was never aware of any of those conversations you cannot lie and claim he was in fear for his life when he attacked McMichaels.

Keep digging that hole my little liberal friend :)
What was it that he stole again? Why is it they didn't chase down and murder the WHITE thieves that were on the property illegally.

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