My Lunch With The President


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Apr 20, 2005
Cordova, TN
Well, not exactly with.

I will be eating lunch 365 yards away from President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi today.

They will be dining at the Rendzvous Restaurant. I will be dining at my desk.

I'm not even sure I can walk out of my building. Secret Service everywhere, streets blocked, etc.

I'll try to step outside about 12:45 (last I heard they were arriving at 12:55) to watch all the excitement.
dmp said:

If they come this way. I'm North of the restaurant and since Graceland is South, I doubt they will even drive by there.

Looking outside my windows I can see they have blocked 2nd Street at my building. My address is 2 North Second; the restaurant is 52 North Second.

Interesting little story. A local Rock-a-billy band called The Dempsey's are playing for them at lunch. The drummer's wife was originally scheduled to give birth today (induced). They induced yesterday so he could play for the Prez and Prime Minister today.
no1tovote4 said:
So? Where's the pics? I mean... What happened?

Just as I suspected, unfortunately. Came up the freeway to Union Avenue. Union to 3rd. Third to Monroe. Monroe to 2nd to the restaurant. My office is at 2nd and Madison. Restaurant is on 2nd Street a couple of blocks down. They blocked off 2nd at my office; no cars, no people.

I did go down to the street to see if I could see them when they arrived but all the newscrews were in the middle of the street between where I was and the restaurant. There was a big applause when they pulled up; so we all joined in of course - even though we couldn't actually see them.

C'est Le Vie. Would have been nice

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