Moscow's 🐷 🇷🇺 Black Sea Fleet does not exist anymore .....Down to 6 in the Black Sea now. From 13.

Sure, you didn´t read. There are more then to short sentences. It is written by an Ukrainian soldier, by the way. Do you care for the troops?
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back to our topic , any comment on this ?


After the West rejected Putin´s peace offer, Putin is seemingly preparing for a larger conflict. All Russians should feel mobilized, he said.

Don't read nonsense on the Internet.. There is no mobilization in Russia, compared to the so-called Ukraine, where men are grabbed like animals and sent to the front...
The hysteria of this character under the nickname Litwn is especially funny. This is a typical loser clown on all forums... They laugh at him. Because it does not work well even for the propaganda of the former Lithuania, but not for Ukraine...
We will see.
By the way, I am very glad that access to the USMB forum is now allowed from the territory of Russia.
Russians have realized that they are strong and should not be afraid of American propaganda.
It should be said that this access was closed in 2022
They block RT and Sputnik in Europe but not news sites like this one:

I am awaiting Russian liberation from slaves and vassals.
she did it as well ))


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