Michael Nutter


May 14, 2011
The Mayor of Philly PA laid down the law on ghetto hoodlums.

He told them they don't get jobs with their pants hanging down past their butt, a pick in their hair, tattoos all over their face/neck/arms....he said they won't hire you because they think you're NUTS! :razz::clap2::lol:

Where o where are the libs to call him a racist? :eusa_whistle:
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Actually liberals like you call him Uncle Tom for being too white.

Many kids in the ghetto tell black kids that get good grades that they are sellouts for acting white.

Is he the first black democrat to say that? The only racist I see is you.
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Ahhh a resident idiot doesn't want her little bubble burst by reality.

So I take it you are offended by "Nutter's" comments. Come on, you can call him a nutter....nut.

cool... we picked up another sockpuppet troll..

i wonder how many psychotic threads this loon o/p did today. *shrug*
were the other 2 threads on the topic not enough?

Why is the OP a loon for pointing out the fact that had Mayor Nutter not been black, he would be decried as a racist by a number of groups in America? How does that make the OP racist?

If you guys keep misusing the word Racist like you do, you are going to totally eliminate the impact and meaning the word has to the point where people won't care whether someone is a geniune racist or not. Not only does it hurt the geniune effort for equality but it eliminates the stigma to those that geniunely deserve the label.

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