Massive Sewage Pipeline: Grand Opening

Deplorable Yankee

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Feb 7, 2019
It’s an election year, so get ready. Two astonishingly dullwitted books arrived in bookstores this week, on the same day, as their dreadful authors hit the airwaves to promote them. One was White Rage: The Threat to American Democracy, about the breathtaking stupidity and backwardness of rural whites, who are destroying America. Taking care to be subtle, the publisher gave the book a cover that features a pick-up truck with an American flag and a Trump sign, leaving out only the weird kid with the banjo and the dude who shouts, “Squeal, boy! Squeal like a pig!”

And then there’s the wonderfully nuanced title Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America, by Obama-era US Attorney Barbara McQuade, who is now a law school professor after being asked to resign by Orange Hitler — though apparently a law school professor who is unfamiliar with the text of the 6th Amendment, thinking it exists to confer a right upon the public to have people put on trial right away.

The well educated and informed leftist will be enthralled


In a few more months Theyll be frothing at the mouth .....more than usual
The Crazy Democrat Cult is treating White Voters as their opposition.
But they have a special hatred for White Voters who are refusing to join the Crazy Democrat Cult.
The Nazis believed that they were superior to other Europeans.
White Liberals are white supremist who believe that they are superior to "rural white voters" who are wise to not vote for people who hate them.

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