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Liberal Voter Enthusiasm Hasn't Returned Since '14 - Worse than '08; Maybe it's the SELECTION?!


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Aug 4, 2015
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In 2014 Liberals were up for a critical election. Obama insisted, to his fellow Democrat's grief, on injecting himself in the race, declaring the election was about HIM, about HIS policies, and about HIS agenda. Americans were already fed up with the Liberal non-representative government, lies, deceit, and crap like pushing their Obamacare (and other things like the nearly $1 trillion pork-filled Stimulus Bill) into law against the majority will of the people. So, the American people rejected the Democrats, handing them an historic, record-setting defeat. DIE HARD Liberals attempted to explain that it wasn't anything such as party or performance but was instead 'voter turn out'. They were right - the Liberal faithful were not motivated to come to the DNC's rescue.

Things have not improved for them. While the GOP experienced a great turn-out in the face of a pending blizzard in Iowa, the Democrats' turn out numbers suffered again:

"Iowa Democrat Turnout Dropped 25 Percent From 2008"
LINK: Iowa Democrat Turnout Dropped 25 Percent From 2008 - Breitbart

While Hillary stays on track to win the nomination, the party has a deeper problem: Turnout for the Democrat caucus collapsed from 2008.

Eight years ago, when Clinton was the favorite to defeat Barack Obama and John Edwards in the caucus, around 220,000 Democrats turned out. The Democrat turnout was almost double the Republican turnout, a clear sign of Democrat enthusiasm after 8 years of the Bush Presidency.

This year, however, just over 170,000 Democrats turned out to caucus, in a contest that was widely regarded, and broadcast by the media, as a nail-biter. Despite a massive turnout operation by the Clinton campaign and record-breaking rallies from Berne Sanders, Democrat turnout dropped around 25 percent from 2008.


Interesting: 'Tired from 8 years of the Bush Presidency' Liberals 'only' managed to turn out 220,000 Democrats. After (being exhausted from) only 7 years of the Obama administration, Liberals were only able to turn out only 170,000.'

Liberals are more exhausted and less motivated after 7 years under Obama than they were after 8 years under Bush.

Maybe it's the fact that all they have to offer the American people are 2 lily-white, millionaire, elitist, Washington Establishment career politicians, 1 a corrupt, lying, incompetent politician under investigation for crimes under the Espionage act and for Corruption and the other a man who isn't even a member of the Democratic party but is instead an avowed Socialist Party Member!


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Mar 4, 2015
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It seems they only get enthusiastic when Bernie is close to winning. What is the pattern here?

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