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LGBTQ Flag back on Display!


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Feb 3, 2018
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" Self Determination Private Collective Collaborating In Common Creed "

* Non Adulterated Version Of Self Ownership Element Of Individualism *

No one knows what happens after you die.
A tautology of a strong anthropic principle relates that the only reason heu mammon exists is because there are hue mammon able to assert that they exist .

From qualities of infinitude in infinitesimal substrate , by induction all emulate being and becoming through some transition .

By deduction , procreation is an emulation of being and becoming through some transition .

By deduction , procreation is known to satisfy a tautology of a strong anthropic principle .

* Sexual Orientation Of Transigent Creed Or Intransigent Disposition *
I don't see this as a religious thing. I see this as a human thing. It takes a lot of hate to do what trump and his people are doing to the LGBTQ community.
There is not a difference between religion or creed from this subjective perspective .

The issues distill into fractional layers that depend classifying negative and positive wrights and negative and positive liberties as either protections or endowments .

From the perspective of this moniker , sectarianism is the straining issue whereby non violence principles are most often applied over non aggression principles .


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Dec 25, 2018
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Gosh I'm sorry. You don't dislike the Taliban, who are similar to Southern Baptists because they share values and beliefs that you respect. I must have misread that article you posted (post #119) - it never mentioned Trump.

This one?

Fundamentalist Christians and Taliban have a lot in common, unfortunately

Well, I'll hang with the article -
Much truth there and it doesn't suggest that the Taliban isn't crueler than US fundies as you suggest was my intention.
Sorry the article turned you into a sarcastic toad. ;)
If you recognize two religions of being what you despise, then why have affection for a secular Progressive Socialist Party that has a lot in common with what you think of the religions.

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