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Let us Not forget the truth, GM, Iraq war and so on


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Feb 27, 2011
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The American tax payer saved GM, not BHO
With out GWB, GM never gets out of December, 2008.
Against the will of the people (congress)W loaned GM enough capital to make it through Jan. 2009 with the deal being GM filed BK if they failed
Instead they got along with GMAC about 80 billion. They still owe us billions

Obama had nothing to do with saving GM

In October of 2002 the US senate voted the use of force to remove Saddam from power. This included Biden and Clinton along with 27 other Dems. They claimed they were lied to at first, now they pretend it never happened

BHO has claimed that he inherited the budget that has added trillions to our defict
Yet his Omnibus bill, the Acquisition of the last 350 billion in tarp and the failed stimulus added 3-500 billion yo Ws last budget
Scince then that budget has added 6% each year as the Dems in congress along with Obama failed (wonder why) to do anything with this ballooned deficit filled budget

The debate was a fiasco for BHO. He claimed Romney lied yet provided no details to those lies? wonder why

They finally have realized lying about that is not working either as with the budget

We really 4 more years of this?

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