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Leaks About Clinton's Health Setting The Stage....

Tom Horn

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Aug 31, 2015
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For a DEAL to be reached by the Liar Queen and the DOJ? There's no way the FBI will sit still for Lynch ignoring their case to indict her. Comey will resign and leak the whole shebang to the press and the blowback will be FIERCE and the end of the Rat Party chances for years to come. So what's the solution, where is the compromise?


Hillary quits the race, slinks back to her mansion with closets full of pant-suits, and drinks herself to sleep after Huma has seen to her.....you know. We're hearing the Liar Queen's marathon testimony about Benghazi ended with her being carried out to a waiting car. She has swoons and fainting spells leaving her dazed and confused. She still has "concussion symptoms" long after her fake fall to avoid testifying months ago. And there's still the 30.000 emails she deleted...and Vince Foster, and White Water, and Travelgate, and her "cattle futures" and of course, the Foundation that is little more than open bribery for favorable political outcomes.

She's TOAST and the pros know it....now it's just a matter of how she avoids prison.

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health
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